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Thanks Bren for spending the time with me and going right through my Google Ads campaigns. I didn’t realise how to structure everything properly. Also, the level of optimisation that I can add to my campaigns, I didn’t even know was availabel. Just taking you up on a free chat will generate probably 6-figured in sales. And I can’t wait to start working together. 
Andrew N – Blinds Ecommerce 7-Figure Store
Bren’s free consultation advice gave us real, tangible items to implement. We immediately saw our CTR and Impression Share rise and our CPC go down. He provided this with no strings attached and never once tried to sell us. His knowledge and the useful information provided was evident by our results. Cannot wait to work with him on our future Campaigns and we highly recommend you take him up on his complimentary consultation.”
Jon Brennan & Mike Brennan – Developersquad.com
“Bren is the only person I have reached out to for consultation that  I had the experience of not being rushed into signing a contract or exchanging money for services. I felt a strong rapport with him as his emphasis was on giving and demonstrating value upfront, and I could see he was investing his resources into creating a long term relationship with me which is something I value highly and aspire to establish myself with my own clients.”
Colm McLaughlin – Digital Marketing Agency Owner
“I can’t thank you enough for your time, advise and personal videos you’ve provided me without ever trying to pitch me anything. Working towards this journey after all this time to eventually come to this roadblock was so painful, I didn’t know what I was doing wrong or what to do to fix it. All my time, effort, I didn’t want to quit. I’m going to continue working on this until I turn it around and I truly can’t thank you enough for the advise you’ve given me, even simply responding to my initial emails I appreciate so much.”
Raffe P – Beauty Ecommerce Store Owner

5 September 2019

I reached out to Bren after I watched some of his YouTube videos on Google Ads topics and couldn’t believe my luck when I saw his reply. Bren helped me gain better knowledge on best practices for Google Ads campaigns and personally assisted me with a campaign I was running at the time. I was blown away by the amount of effort that he put in for helping me and asking for nothing in return.

Bren is one of those people that genuinely enjoys helping educate others and does so with passion, detail and clarity. The thing I appreciate most from Bren is that no matter your skill level or knowledge he is able and willing to break it down and patiently explain it until you understand.

I couldn’t recommend Bren more and I encourage you contact him. I am personally looking forward to working with him more in the future.

Alan Romeo – theta6a