I Work With Businesses & Entrepreneurs Create Profitable Paid Marketing Strategies and Campaigns That Double Results Within 90 Days

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I have spent over a decade and probably over $10-million dollars in paid traffic to create unique systems and processes that allow me to create profitable paid traffic campaigns and landing pages that can on their scale a business faster than most can

think is possible. 

How I Can Help You Specifically

I Generate Leads & Sales Immediately

My work is about numbers & psychology. When you get both right results like this happen:

You should base the worth of any consultant upon the results they have achieved for others in the past. Here are some recent results:

Helped a builder restructure their entire marketing strategy to a proven formula that generates them 151 leads per month, almost $25,000,000 in revenue per year.

​A Bathroom renovation/remodeling business grew from 9 leads per month to 61 leads per month in 4 months. The company is doing over $2.250 million per year.

​Took a USA lending company from 67 leads per day to 143 leads per day in 3 months without spending a cent more on advertising.

​New traffic strategies and landing page skyrocketed supplement eCommerce sales from £72,000 per month to £221,000 per month in just eight months.

​In 4 days dropped Google Ads cost per acquisition by 27% for a new client.
​Built a restaurant email list from zero to just under 12,000 in 14 months. Now they’re packed all the time.

​Accountant jumped to #1 organically on Google in 2 months generating approx $51,000 in new clients every year.

​Double the number of leads for a pest control business from Google Ads, and we only spent 9% more money.

​Reduced the cost to acquire a sale for UK e-commerce store by 32% in 4 months (account spend £20,000+ per month).

​You get the idea, and the list could go on…

It’s All About Results

I analyze & test like crazy then scale for rapid growth

When it comes to evaluating the competency of people outside of your skillset or genius it can be very difficult. Because no one knows everything. 

But how do you evaluate the marketing consultant? Well, I am a firm believer in numbers. Numbers don’t lie. And the numbers show results. And you can use numbers to understand if a marketing consultant is worth his salt.

Here are more results I have achieved for clients in various different industries:

Above: From start up to this result in 7 months. This doesn’t account for offline sales this business gained.

Above: Sales after just 4 months of starting.

Above: From £67,000 per month to £242,000 in 12 months. 262% business growth.

Above: Year on year improvement – 63% reduction in ad spend, 113% increase in goal completions. Spent less on marketing got more in return.


No matter the size of your business we might be able to work together. I work with many businesses all around the world and they range from 5-figure companies to $25-million+ miniature empires. And here is what I do for them:

​Facebook Ads – I can help you leverage the power of Facebook ads to get in front of your starving prospects.

​Google Ads (Formerly Adwords) – I can quickly show you how to locate the golden pockets in your campaign that can unleash the floodgates.

​Improving Your Conversion Rate – I’ll get you more customers without spending an extra dime on marketing.

​Search Engine Optimisation – Get to the top of Google where the very best leads hang out.

​Sales Funnels – Get a marketing formula that squeezes every bit of profit out of every visitor.

​Copywriting – You can say the same thing in a different way and get a different result. How persuasive is your text?



I am happy to talk marketing with pretty much anyone. But I do enjoy it when there is an objective. 
If you’re looking to have a free conversation about your marketing where I can beforehand have a look at your campaigns and data and talk through with you what you can do to optimize and scale your business then you and I will probably enjoy talking with one another. 
If you want to chat about working together in any capacity then I am open to that too. But I always let this be driven by you, I am in a fortunate position where I am able to pick and choose whom I work with. 


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